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About us

Fellows.network is a global community of learning innovators seeking to transform education through mentor-based, project-centric fellowship programs.

You can think of us as the "udemy for projects" - helping to bridge the supply of expert mentors with a growing community of self-learned creators.

We exist to speed up the process of learning amid an ever-changing technology ecosystem - and hope that you find some joy in finding and learning alongside peers with similar interests.

Our Process

Become a fellows.network member in <1 minute.

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Sign up and select an organization with a role as a fellow - or through other roles (sponsor, mentor, or director) as a referral. 

Apply/sign up for a fellowship

Search and apply for a batch in your selected organization on the fellowships tab. 

Interview/get selected

Immediately sign up or schedule an interview and get accepted into a fellowship, depending on the rules of the fellowship creators.

Create/present a project demo

Over a 3-6 month period, you pursue your project individually or in a group and present it at a demo day. Showcase this demo to friends or future employers, and be a part of a lifelong community.

Featured organizations

Directors lead up fellowships in organizations in 3-6 month cohorts.


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The world’s leading community for quantum computing.

Frequently asked questions 

Like Udemy, some batches are free and others cost money. Free batches typically have less functionality and are shorter in duration, much like Udemy's constraint on having free classes have <2 hours of content.

Note that you can use continuing education budgets in your company to pay for batches and get reimbursed if you are an employee, as you will get a certificate upon completing your fellowship program.

Directors of batches specify primary and secondary outcome measures for their batches. Typical outcome measures include things like securing follow-on employment 6 months post the batch, follow-on funding (of projects), and also various metrics relating to confidence in a given field.

We have a rich group of mentors and directors who have scaled fellowship models in the past. 

We have partnered with many organizations:
- Erdos Institute (10+ fellowships, >1000 members)
- NeuroLex Labs (5 fellowships, >40 fellows)
- Stem Advocacy Institute (Director, 6 fellowships/30+ fellows)
- CyberLaunch/NeuroLaunch (Partner, 4 batches, incubating 20+ startups/300+ mentors)